In Vitro Fertilization – What happens part 8

What happens during  in vitro fertilization may differ slightly from clinic, but a typical  treatment follows the main steps described on this article.

Finding out if you’re pregnant

Once the embryos have been transferred into the womb, you’ll be advised to wait around 2 weeks before having a pregnancy test to see if the treatment has worked. Some clinics may suggest carrying out a normal urine pregnancy at home and letting them know the result, while others may want you to come into the clinic for a more accurate blood test. This 2-week wait can be a very difficult period because of the anxiety of not knowing whether the treatment has worked. Some people find it the hardest part of the treatment process. If you become pregnant, ultrasound scans will be carried out during the following weeks to check things are progressing as expected. You’ll then be offered the normal antenatal care given to all pregnant women. 

Unfortunately, in vitro fertilization is unsuccessful in many cases and you should try to prepare yourself for this possibility. You may be able to try again if treatment doesn’t work, although you shouldn’t rush straight into it. 

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