In Vitro Fertilization – What happens part 5

What happens during  in vitro fertilization may differ slightly from clinic, but a typical  treatment follows the main steps described on this article.


STEP 5: Fertilising the eggs

The collected eggs are mixed with your partner’s or the donor’s sperm in a laboratory to fertilise them. In some cases, each eggs may need to be injected  individually with a single sperm. This is called intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI.  The fertilised eggs (embryos) continue to grown in the laboratory for up to 6 days before being transferred into the womb. The best 1 or 2 embryos will be chosen for transfer. After egg collection, you’ll be given hormone medicines to help prepare the lining of your womb to receive the embryo. This is usually given either as a pessary placed inside your vagina, an injection, or a gel.

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