In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) part 19

Ovulation induction

Several different medications may be used, such as:

  • Medications for ovarian stimulation

To stimulate your ovaries, you might receive an injectable medication containing a follicle-stimulating homone (FSH), a luteinizing hormone (LH) or a combination of both. These medications stimulate more than one egg to develop at a time.

  • Medications for oocyte maturation

When the follicles are ready for egg retrievel-generally after eight to 14 days-you will take human chorionic gonadothropin (HCG) or other medications to help the eggs mature.

  • Medications to prevent premature ovulation

These medications prevent your body from releasing the developing eggs too soon.

  • Medications to prepare the lining of your uterus

On the day of egg retrieval  or at the time of embryo transfer, your doctor might  recommend that you begin taking progesterone supplements to make the lining of your uterus more receptive to implantation.

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