Types of vaccine part 50


A contraindication to vaccination is a rare condition in a recipient that increases the risk for a serious adverse reaction. Ignoring contraindications can lead to avoidable vaccine ractions. Most contraindications are temporary, and the vaccination can be administered later.

The only contraindication applicable to all vaccines is a history of a severe allergic reaction after a prior dose of vaccine or to a vaccine constituent. Precautions are not contraindications, but are events or conditions to be considered in determining if the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks. Precautions stated in product labelling can sometimes be inappropriately used as absolute contraindications, resulting in missed opportunities to vaccinate.

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1 Response to Types of vaccine part 50

  1. My contraindications are:

    1) pharma is exempted from liability from damage from covid vaccines,

    2) there have been no long-term safety studies in humans for covid vaccines,

    3) the FDA has reported 1223 deaths in the first three months of the Pfizer vaccine rollout due to the vaccines,

    etc., etc., etc.


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