Novel 2019 Coronavirus structure part 10

Searching for antibodies can find support on molecular targeting  which can utilize the structural information  (aa sequence) of the binding region  which is found in angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 receptor. In this way this protocol could device a treatment to block the viral entry. Typically, human cell ingests the virus in a process called endocytosis. Once entered the cytoplasm , it has been suggested most likely that COVID-19 employes a unique  three-step method for membrane fusion, involving receptor-binding and induced conformational changes in Spike (S) glycoprotein followed by  cathepsin L proteolysis through intracellular proteases and further activation of membrane fusion mechanism within endosomes.Then, the endosome opens to release virus to the cytoplasm, and uncoating of viral nucleocapsid (N) is started via proteosomes which typically can hydrolize endogenous proteins, but they are also capable  of degrading exogenous proteins such as the SARS nucleocapsid protein.

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