Clinical use of stem cells in orthopaedics part 63

Stem cell 2


Hernigou et al. evaluated the efficiency of biologic augmentation of rotator cuff repair with illiac crest bone marrow stem cells. the prevalence of healing and prevention of re-tears were correlated with the number of mesenchymal stem cells received at the tendon-to-bone interface. Forty-five patients in the study group received concentrated bone marrow stem cells as an adjunct to single-row rotator cuff repair at the time of arthroscopy. The average number of mesenchymal stem cells returned to the patient was 51,000±24,000. Bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells injection as an adjunctive therapy during rotator cuff repair enhanced the healing rate and improved the quality of the repaired surface, as determined by ultrasound and MRI. At the most recent follow-up of 10 years, intact rotator cuffs were found in 39 (87%) of the 45 patients in the mesenchymal stem cells-treated group, but just 20 (44%) of the 45 patients in the control group (Hernigou et al., 2014)

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