Regenerative and stem cell therapy practices part 8

Stem cell 2


Stem cells clinics typically reach their patients through online direct-to-consumer marketing, primarily through information provided on company websites. Data purportedly supporting unproven stem cell interventions commonly undermine information about risks and overemphasize information about benefits. Treatment options are described on such websites and are often accompanied by supporting information in the form of journal articles, patient testimonials, and accolades related either to the clinic itself or its affiliated physicians and researchers, Supporting information that accompanies marketing materials can appear to be legitimate, but can also overemphasize, exaggerate, inflate, or misrepresent information derived from legitimate (or even questionable) sources. A physician engaging in such practices of  deceptive or false advertising can be in violation of a state’s Medical Practice Act. Information provided on clinic websites should be represented accurately and come from reputable peer-reviewed publications or respected external organizations.

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