Not all stem cells are created equal part 1

Stem cell 1


Stem cells therapy holds promise for chronic heart failure management as animal studies document that these cells modify local inflammatory conditions, release factors that stimulate angiogenesis and intrinsic tissue repair, modify adverse ventricular remodeling, and restore function. Clinical trials results, however, are more variable with some showing beneficial effects and other without. Preclinical studies are conducted in otherwise healthy animals, but clinical studies enroll chronic heart failure patients with multiple comorbidities (aging, diabetes mellitus,  hypertension, inflammation, etc) that negatively affect regenerative capacity. Significant variability in regenerative response is linked with variations in cell characteristics (eg. migratory and adhession capacity, clonogenicity, surface marker expression, and paracrine factor release). Using a personalized medicine approach (ie, tailoring treatment to patient characteristics to optimize benefit), the study propose to optimize cardiac cell therapy efficacy by prospectively selecting patients most likely to benefit using a cell potency assay to assess inheritent regenerative capacity.

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