Ethical and safety issues of stem cell-based therapy part 35

Stem cell 5


In addition to unwanted differentiation, mesenchymal stem cells may bridge the gap between anti-tumor immune response and neo-angiogenesis in malignant diseases, thus promoting tumor growth and metastasis. After  injection, mesenchymal stem cells migrate towards primary tumors where due to their immuno-modulatory characteristics; suppress anti-tumor immune response resulting with an increased tumor growth. We showed that injection of human mesenchymal stem cells promotes tumor growth and metastasis in tumor bearing mice, which was accompanied by lower cytotoxic activity of NK and CD8+ T cells and increased  presence of immuno-suppressive IL-10 producing T lymphocytes and CD54+Foxp3+ T regulatory cells. Mesenchymal stem cells  promote polarization of immune response towards anti-inflammatory Th2 pathway creating an immunosuppressive environment which enables progression of tumor growth and metastasis.

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