Understanding Stem Cells part 36

Stem cell 5


The changed face of skin grafts

For many years, scientists have been harnessing the regenerative capabilities of human skin to treat victims of severe burns using skin transplants. Skin transplants are possible because of the existence of stem cells located just  under the top layer of skin. Every day, thousands of new skin cells are produced to replace those that have been shed. When someone suffers severe burns that destroy the source of these stem cells, their skin can no longer regenerate on its own.

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1 Response to Understanding Stem Cells part 36

  1. vicklea says:

    My father suffered severe burns in his 30’s and was taken to Duke University Hospital in NC. There, they did skin grafts from his legs to his face. He also had “fake” ears because his ears were burned off. As a child, I found him scary looking at first, but then I got used to his appearance. His heart was still my daddy!


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