Understanding Stem Cells part 30

Stem cell 5


The creation of embryonic stem cells through a process called alter nuclear transfer (ANT). In this variation of the nuclear transfer technique, scientists create a blastocyst whose genetic material has been changed so that further development and implantation into the uterus is not possible. It aims to create embryo-like entities that are not truly embryos but that can be a source of pluripotent stem cells. ANT, so far only tested with mouse blastocysts, could allow the creation of embryonic stem cells without destroying a viable human blastocyst. Some who object to embryonic stem cell research support ANT because the resulting blastocyst could never develop into a full human being and therefore would not have the moral status of a human embryo. However, this procedure is objectionable to some because they believe that it involves the creation of an imperfect blastocyst that is designed to be destroyed.

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