Immune 4



The NZB/W model was the first murine model of lupus nephritis. New Zealand Black (NZB) mice develop AIHA and the female New Zealand White (NZW) mice develop mesangial glomerulonephritis late in life. In contrast, the F1 hybrid (NZB/W) develops early-onset severe (proliferative, immune complex-mediated) glomerulonephritis along with ANA, antichromatin, and anti-dsDNA antibodies. However, these mice lack other classic clinical and serological manifestations of SLE, such as arthritis, inflammatory skin rashes, serositis, and anti-Sm autoantibodies. Extensive genetic analysis of this strain has revealed three major susceptibility intervals on chromosomes 1, 4 and 7. Each of these intervals appears to contain multiple disease-susceptibility genes and several candidate genes have been identified. NZB/W mice have been used widely for preclinical studies of various therapeutic interventions for lupus nephritis.

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