Basic components of the immune system part 148

Immune 1


HPV infection is usually sexually acquired, and it is estimated that currently 20 million people  are infected in the United States. The infection has no real signs or symptoms, and HPV may lead to cervical cancer. It is estimated that ten of the thirty different serotypes of the virus can induce cervical cancer, so the vaccine has been directed at eliminating those serotypes. Thus, if 10,000 women are infected with one of the high-risk viral serotypes, approximately 3,900 of them will die of cervical cancer. The new vaccine, if given before active sexual activity in women, can prevent the viral infection and thereby markedly diminish  the risk of cervical cancer. Because of the possible success of this vaccine, it may be worthwhile to look at how to prevent the Epstein-Bar virus in at-risk children to prevent or diminish the risk of Burkett’s lymphoma in children infected with the virus.

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