HLA antibody testing part 21

HLA antibodies


These considerations do not negate the major role that single antigen bead assays have played  in the last decade, permitting significantly more reliable  identification of HLA antibody specificities and strengths. Rather encourage caution when extrapolating research reporting  mean fluorescence intensity data to other centers, because these data are rarely  characterized with sufficient detail of  the above  factors to appropriately generalize them. Even more importantly, an mean fluorescence intensity result as a single metric cannot be analyzed in isolation. The patient’s history of sensitizing events, their clinical status and pathology, their own and their donor’s HLA typing, and other related test results in the user’s own laboratory must also be considered for comprehensive understanding. Additionally, program clinical thresholds for crossing antibodies, regional standards, and regulations for listing of unacceptable antigens as well as differences between organs may affect  final recommendations.


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