HLA typing in organ transplant part 3

mhc class 1 & ii


The HLA system is highly polymorphic

  • The contribution of the allelic diversity of class I and II genes to immune recognition and alloreactivity can be analyzed by serological methods and molecular methods at the DNA level by different methods like sequence specific primer and oligotyping with locus and allele-specific oligonucleotide probes
  • HLA class I and II matching is important in organ transplantation
  • Especially in kidney and bone marrow transplantation. In heart and lung transplantation, HLA match at the DR locus is important but there is some difficulties like ischemic time, availability of donors and clinical need of recipients. Corneal grafts are not usually influenced by HLA matching, unless being transplanted into a vascularized bed
  • Transplantation of foreign tissue induces both humoral and cellular immune responses in the recipient, which leads to graft rejection or, for bone marrow transplantation, graft versus host disease

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