Pediatric kidney transplantation part 161



Urinary tract infection

Many women get urinary tract infections after sex, even if they have never had them before. Some women with kidney transplants may have had problems with urinary tract infections before. These may get worse or more frequent after sex.

The urinary tract infections happen because the tube that drains the bladder is right in front of the vagina. This tube is called the urethra. During sex, the movement of the penis in the vagina rubs the wall of the urethra next to it. This can push bacteria from the urethra up into the bladder.

For women with kidney transplant, urinary tract infections may be quite serious because of the transplant drugs they take. Sometimes the infection can invade the bloodstream. This can make you very, very sick. Another concern with urinary tract infections for transplant patients is that they can lead to damage of the kidney transplant.


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