Pediatric kidney transplantation part 136



Life of the kidney and the need for future transplants

The use of new transplant drugs to keep body from rejecting the kidney has made it possible to keep a new kidney for a long time. A key point in keeping the kidney working well is staying on a strict medication schedule and following medical advice. Some kidneys can work for many years. The average life of a kidney transplant is about 10-15 years but they can last as long as 30 years. Some can keep working for a longer time. Children may need  a second or even a third kidney transplant if the first one fails. Remember that many new advances and new medications are being introduced every day.


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  1. believe4147 says:

    Thank you for continuing with me through this year. I hope what you have read will encourage you and may you know God’s blessings through 2019.

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