Pediatric kidney transplantation part 135



Keeping a kidney transplant healthy means  a change in lifestyle. Keeping a kidney healthy can sometimes be very stressfull. Please talk to your transplant team about your concerns.

  • If you have a crisis in your life, please contact your transplant team at once for help. They are there to help and support you
  • Taking your medications regularly every day and on time is very important. It is the only way to keep your body from rejecting your kidney. This can happen even after many years of having a stable transplant if you stop taking your transplant drugs suddenly or if you do not take them as instructed
  • If medications get the way of your daily activity, or you having bad side effects, please talk to  the transplant team. There may be changes in your medications that can be made to help you. Do not stop or change medication on your own
  • If your insurance coverage is running out, please talk to your transplant team. They will help you find a way to get the medications you need without a break in your treatment. Many children can stay on their parents insurance until they are 26 years of age
  • Keep your regular doctors appointments
  • If you are close to 18 years of age and worry about being switched to adult nephrology care, please discuss your concerns with your regular transplant doctor. Sometimes this transfer can be delayed or done slowly until you get to know your new adult nephrologist
  • Always remember that if you lose your kidney because of non-adherence you will go back on dialysis. You may be on it for a long period of time before you can get another kidney because your body may have developed antibodies during the rejection that makes it harder to accept easily another kidney. Dialysis is not a good alternative to transplant. You will still need  to take a lot of medications for your kidney failure

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