Pediatric kidney transplantation part 120



Excessive weigh gain can be prevented. Try these strategies to help your child keep from gaining too much weight:

  • Limit high-fat foods: fast food, fried foods, chips and other high-fat snacks, cakes, donuts, pastries
  • Avoid “simple” sugars: sugar, sweets, soda pop, and drinking too much juice. Drink mostly water. This become even more important if your child gets high blood sugar, a possible side effect of prednisoneĀ  and other transplant medications
  • Let your child eat three meals a day with average helpings. Serve many different kinds of food. Avoid too much snacking
  • Have many kinds of healthy low-fat snacks on hand for when your child cannot control the “munchies”. Some of these are raw vegetables, fruits, and unsalted, unbuttered popcorn
  • Be active everyday. Regular exercise is very important part of keeping a healthy body weight. Any exercise should be discussed with your transplant nurse and doctor



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