Pediatric kidney transplantation part 116



Heart-healthy diet

Some transplant medications will raise your child’s cholesterol levels. This, in turn, is known to increase the risk of getting heart disease.

To help lower cholesterol levels:

  • Limit the total amount of fat in the diet as well as the saturated fat (fat from animals). Choose low-fat dairy products (skim or 1%milk, low fat-cheese, yogurt, ice milk) and lean meats
  • Avoid fat listed as animal or vegetable shortening, lard, palm and coconut oil
  • Choose olive and canola oil, and non-hydrogenated margarines
  • Increase high-fiber helps keep cholesterol from being absorbed. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain products are high-fiber foods



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  1. I enjoy reading ur work. Its bring a new meaning to medicine and blogging

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