Pediatric kidney transplantation part 46



Giving medications  and reporting side effects:

  • Always give medication at the same time every day and in the same way (with or without food), including weekends. If you give your child medicine at 9am and 9pm  on Monday, you must do the same every day of the week
  • Never skip a dose. Skipping doses increase the chance that the kidney may be rejected  and stop working properly. If you skip a dose, do not make up for the missed dose by doubling on the dose next time you take it
  • Do not stop of change any dose of your child’s medications unless your transplant team tells you to
  • Never give your child over-the-counter herbal (natural), or homeopathic medications or any medications prescribed by another doctor without talking to your transplant team first. This is because many medications interact with transplant medications, leading to unpleasant side effects or preventing the transplant medications  from working properly
  • Call your transplant team right away if your child has side effects from any medications. They will tell you what to do

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