Pediatric kidney transplantation part 34




After the transplant, your child’s care will be managed by a health care team. It will consist of your pediatric nephrologist, your transplant surgeon, usually a nurse coordinator, a dietitian, a pharmacist and a social worker.

Similar to before the transplant, you will continue to see your child’s local family doctor. Right after your child is discharged from hospital, they will need to have frequent follow-up appointments at the kidney transplant clinic. These can be emotionally and financial draining, but the transplant team will work with you to help your child’s follow up care go as smooth as possible.

Your child’s appointments will be less frequent after the first few months and especially after the first year. Eventually, the appointments will more easily fit into a normal family schedule.

Note, too, that schedules and tests may change for many different reasons. Your kidney transplant team members will explain why they are doing a certain test or procedure in your child at a specific time. Many of the principles of renal transplant care are the same for children and adults.


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