Pediatric kidney transplantation part 17



What happens after the assessment?

Your child may not need to on dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant. For many reasons, your child’s physicians may advocate for living donor kidney transplantation. Children receive a kidney from one of their parents. Each biological parent is already “half matched” for special proteins on white blood cells called HLA. The degree of matching can alter risk of rejection. Rejection is when the child’s immune system recognizes the new kidney as foreign and “attacks” the new kidney with the intention of doing  harm to it. The better the HLA matching, the less likely the body will try to reject the transplant. If children do not have a parent who is a suitable donor, they may receive a transplant from another related or unrelated living adult. If an adult is interested in donating  a kidney he/she should contact the kidney transplant office to inform the transplant team of this wish. The donor will be evaluated separately for donation by the adult transplant team to make sure of the donor’s good health and eligibility to donate the “gift of life”


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