Pediatric kidney transplantation part 16



What happens after the assessment?

After these consultations and tests, the whole transplant team meets to decide if your child is a suitable candidate for a kidney transplant. The team approach to care makes sure that every treatment option for your child’s case will be discussed.

If the transplant is the best option, the team will then decide how quickly your child needs it and whether your child should receiveĀ  a transplant from a living donor or be placed on the kidney transplant waiting list. The team will develop a treatment plan designed to give your child the best chance of having a successful transplant,

If your child is able, it is important that they, along with you, take part in making decisions about their treatment. Receiving and living with a transplant is a big commitment, one that will stay with your child for the rest of their life.

Only if the transplant team agrees that transplant is the best option for your child and you agree that you want your child to have a transplant, will your child go to transplant.


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