Kidney transplantation part 46

Kidney 13


What if I am struggling to cope?

It is normal to feel anger, despair, fear and other negative emotions during the journey of kidney disease diagnosis and treatment. These feelings usually improve with time. If the impact of kidney disesase treatments and the changes to your lifestyle are overwhelming you, then it is important that you talk to someone.

The nurses, social worker or doctor at your kidney unit are the best place to start. Social workers are employed kidney units to provide professional councelling to patients and their family members. They are very familiar with the issues you are experiencing. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed or to suffer in silence.


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1 Response to Kidney transplantation part 46

  1. anne leueen says:

    I have read the posts about kidney transplants especially the living donor ones.My son in law’s mother is donating a kidney to her sister tomorrow. The sister had rheumatoid arthritis and has kidney damage as a result of medications for the RA. At least I think that is what has happened. My sons mother in law is 65 and he is worried about her having this surgery. The sister has a son who was also a; match but too overweight to have the surgery. We are all anxious and I have been praying for everyone involved. Thanks for these informative and easy to understand posts.

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