Kidney transplantation part 34




If someone is considering being a living kidney donor they will need a thorough medical check by a doctor. These tests will check that donating a kidney will be safe for the donor both in the short term and the long term. The transplantation team will also decide whether the donor is fit for surgery and has a suitable kidney to donate.

A number of tests are needed to make sure that the living donor is suitable to donate their kidney to you. These may include:

  • Tissue typing
  • Blood group
  • Testing the recipient for anti-HLA antibodies
  • Blood tests and scans to check their kidneys are functioning well and to make sure there are no signs of kidney damage
  • Tests to find any viruses that may lead to an infection
  • Tests for heart disease, diabetes, lung problems and cancer

During these tests donors may find out that they have a health problem that they didn’t know about. If this happens they will receive support and referral to a specialist.


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