Kidney transplantation part 22

Kidney 13



After surgery

After the transplant surgery it is normal to feel some pain around your wound. You will be given medications to help with this.

Your transplanted kidney may start to make urine immediately, or you may need dialysis for a few days. If you need dialysis it does not mean that your transplanted kidney will not work. It just may need a bit of time to recover from the transplant procedure.

A catheter will be placed in your bladder for around five days to drain your urine into a bag. This helps your health care team to check that your kidney is working well. Often there are tubes from your wound draining away extra fluid. These are usually removed after a few days.

You will have blood tests every day to check the function of your transplanted kidney, to measure medication levels and to detect any problems early so they can be treated quickly.

The blood test for creatinine and eGFR measure how well your kidney is working. These may already be familiar to you. In many cases your creatinine and eGFR will go back to what they were before you first got kidney disease.

The amount of fluid you take in is important.The nurses may be asking you regularly how much you have had to drink, If your kidney is working you may find yourself having to drink lots of fluid.


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