Kidney transplantation part 15

Kidney 13


How are kidneys matched and allocated?

Kidney donor and recipient matching can be divided into several areas. These areas  include blood group matching, tissue type matching, cross matching and survival matching. This involves the assessment of how long a certain kidney is likely to last. It also involves allocating kidneys partly based on how long different recipients are likely to survive.

For these reason, allocation and acceptance of a kidney offer needs to consider compatibility, your waiting time and the quality of the kidney being offered and its likely benefit to you.

A computer can manage  of these factors. Your doctors will also need to consider other issues and possibly discuss these with you if needed.

Each area of compatibility is impotant for donor and recipient matching for both living and deceased donors.

If you are receiving a kidney from a living donor  it may be possible to get around some of these matching issues. For example, it may be possible to prepare your immune system so that you are able to receive a kidney that would have been incompatible.



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