Kidney transplantation part 10

Kidney 13


Transplant waiting list

When you have been evaluated as being suitable for a kidney transplant your name will be placed on the transplant waiting list to receive a kidney from a deceased donor. You will be referred to as being active on the transplant waiting list.

You will only be activated on the transplant waiting list for a deceased donor once you have started dialysis. This doesn’t mean you still can’t look into having a transplant from a living donor. If you have started dialysis you can go on the transplant waiting list while you are waiting to see if you have a compatible living kidney donor.

If your health gets worse while you are waiting for a kidney, you may be temporarily taken off the active list. This is because your transplant would have less chance of success if you are not well. Once you are well you will be active on the waiting list again.

The kidney transplant waiting list is not just a queue where you slowly work your way to the front. Each time a deceased donor kidney becomes available a recipient is chosing taken  into account a number of factors. A computer generates a score for these various factors, and the recipient with the highest score will be offered the kidney.

Your waiting time is based on the day you started dialysis, regardless of when you were officially placed on the waiting list. If you come off the waiting list for any reason the same “dialysis start” date is used when you become active on the list again. This means that you do not lose your accumulated waiting time

If you are receiving a second, third or even fourth transplant, your waiting time is based on the date that dialysis was re-started after your transplanted kidney failed.


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