Kidney transplantation part 2

Kidney 13


Who can have a kidney transplant?

Kidney can be donated by living donors or deceased donors. Having a transplant from living kidney donor means you will have better outcomes. If you have a transplant donor it usually means you will not have to wait as long for your transplant.

You can be given the option of transplantation if you are considered to be medically suitable by the kidney transplant team. Unfortunately a transplant is not suitable for everyone, as the risks are sometimes too high. The transplant team may decide that the risks of the operation or the medications may make your health worse.

However, it is everyone’s right to be considered for a transplant. You will need to speak with your nephrologist for further information about your circumstances if you are regarded as not being suitable for a kidney transplant.

Factors affecting your suitability for a kidney transplant include:

  • Agreement with the idea of transplantation and acceptance of the risks involved
  • Your general health, apart from kidney failure
  • Willingness to go through with the tests and the transplant surgery
  • Willingness to take the anti-rejection medications

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