Hemodialysis central venous catheter scrub – the -hub protocol … part 9

Central venous catheter 2


Securing caps with tape

Caution should be used if taping caps on the hubs between treatments. Tape can leave residue on the hubs that might make disinfecting them more difficult.


Use of masks

Although data supporting the use of masks during catheter accessing/deaccessing to prevent  vascular access infections is lacking, this practice is recommended for patients and staff in the 2000 kidney disease outcomes quality initiative guidelines.


Personal Protective Equipment

Proper personal protective equipment should always be worn by staff to avoid exposure to potentially infectious blood and body fluids when connecting/disconnecting catheters.


Aseptic technique

This includes practices that prevent the contamination of clean/sterile items and surfaces. Once tasks requiring aseptic technique have been started, care must be taken to avoid contamination of gloves and other clean/sterile items that can occur when touching dirty surfaces (eg positioning patient, using computer keyboard)


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