Hemodialysis central venous catheter scrub – the -hub protocol … part 2

Central venous catheter 2

Catheter connection and disconnection steps

Connection steps:

  • Perform hand hygiene and new clean gloves
  • Clamp the catheter (Always clamp the catheter before removing the cap. Never leave an uncapped catheter unattended)
  • Disinfect the hub with caps removed using an appropriate antiseptic
  • Always handle the catheter hubs aseptically. Once disinfected, do not allow the catheter hubs to touch nonsterile surface
  • Attach sterile syringe, unclamp the catheter, withdraw blood, and flush perfacility protocol
  • Repeat for other limb (this might occur parallel)
  • Connect the ends of the blood lines to the catheter aseptically
  • Remove gloves and performhand hygiene

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