The arteriovenous (AV) graft part 3

AV graft hemodialysis 1



Surgery to create an arteriovenous (AV) graft

A surgical procedure is needed to create the arteriovenous graft. An anesthetist will talk to you about the anasthetic that will be best for your surgery.

After the surgery, its usually takes two to four weeks for the graft to be ready for use. Then, each time you have a hemodialysis treatment the dialysis nurse will insert two needles into your graft.


Care of your arteriovenous graft

After the surgery, follow your surgeon’s instructions about your dressing and when the stitches (sutures) will be taken out.

Check for a “thrill” which is the sensation like a vibration caused by blood flowing through your graft and can be felt just above your incision line. The “thrill” indicates the arteriovenous graft is working.


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