Looking after your arteriousvenous (AV) fistula

HD vascular access 2


You can take care of your fistula by following these steps:

  • Be careful not to knock your arm for the  first few days after your fistula has been formed
  • Rest your arm: the wound needs time to heal
  • Do not drive or lift anything heavy with your fistula arm for the first two weeks
  • Check your fistula every day for the “thrill”
  • Do not let any medical proffesionals take blood from your fistula arm. Blood should always be taken from the veins on the backs of your hands.
  • Never let anyone check your blood pressure on the fistula arm
  • Do not wear any tight sleeves or watches that may restrict the flow of blood through your fistula arm
  • Be careful not to lie on your fistula arm


You can help your fistula to develop by squeezing a rubber ball in your hand. You can do this exercise as often as you like.


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