How will I know if my hemodialysis is working?

HD vascular access 2


You will know your hemodialysis treatments are working by how you feel. Your energy level increase and you may have a better appetite. Hemodialysis reduces salt and fluid build up, so you should have less shortness of breath and swelling as well.

To make the most of your hemodialysis treatment, keep to your ideal “dry weight”. Your ideal dry weight is your weight when you don’t have extra fluid in your body. If you are careful about the sodium in your diet and the hemodialysis is working, you should be able to reach your ideal dry weight at the end of every hemodialysis treatment. When hemodialysis treatments  are working and you keep to your ideal dry weight, your blood pressure should be well controlled.

In addition, blood tests can show how well your hemodialysis treatments are working. Once a month, whether you are on home or dialysis center hemodialysis, your dialysis center will test your blood.


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