Safety and ease of use

dialysis machine


In addition to machine developments directed at improving the efficiency of haemodialysis, other developments offer advances in terms of safety, reliability and the ease with which treatments are performed. The recognition that microbiological impurities in dialysate may have adverse consequences for patients through their ability to stimulate chronic inflammation has led to changes designed to provide a dialysate of high microbiological purity, often referred to as ultapure dialysate. This developments include dry concentrate systems that prepare bicarbonate concentrate on-line, thereby minimizing the well-known problem of bacterial proliferations in bicarbonate concentrate, the incorporation of ultrafilters that provide point-of use filtration of the dialysate immediately before it enters the dialyzer, and improvements in the design of fluid pathways of machines to eliminate areas that are difficult to disinfect. In addition to reducing morbidity in routine haemodialysis, the availability of ultrapure dialysate has been essential for the development of on-line convective therapies


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