Management of dialyser blood leak during haemodialysis part 2



What happens following a blood leak alarm?

  • Blood pump will stop
  • Arterial and venous clamps close
  • Dialysate fluid will bypass the dialyser



To ensure no neat dialysate fluid passes through the rupture and into the patient’s blood

Interventions to be performed

  • Check blood pump has stopped
  • Clamp both arterial and venous patients access and blood circuit lines
  • Check fluid in dialysate tubes for signs of discolourisation
  • Non-visible blood can be checked for by removing the out-flow dialysate tube and allowing some fluid from the dialyser to moisten a urine multistix
  • True blood leak – dispose of the whole blood circuit. NEVER return any blood from the circuit to the patient
  • Check patients observations (blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory rate, O2 saturations)
  • Re-prime a full dialysis circuit again and complete the patients prescribed dialysis
  • Ensure the dialysis machine completes a heat citric internal disinfection following dialysis
  • Record as a dialysis incident as per local protocol
  • If the dialyser problem is manufacturing fault. Notify the manufacturer with the equipment batch and lot numbers and assess whether further stock needs withdrawing from use

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