Management of infection in haemodialysis patient part 1

Haemodialysis 5

Patient with end stage kidney disease treated with haemodialysis are by definition already immunosuppressed in that body’s normal responses to infection are impaired. Also, some patients may be on medication related to their clinical condition that further supressess their immune system. In addition, they are exposed to more risk infections. These includes:

  1. Presence of kidney dialysis catheter. Despite careful adherence to all central venous access device care policies, the risk of infection, both local and systemic, with kidney dialysis catheter remains very significant and should be actively monitored and treated promptly
  2. Frequent needling of peripheral access can insert skin microorganisms into the skin and circulation. This is less likely than in patients with kidney dialysis catheter but remains a risk, particularly in patients buttonhole needling
  3. Intercurrent co-morbidity such as diabetes increases infection risk and may be associated with other skin and soft tissue infections
  4. Frequent contack with other patients within dialysis units and on transport can facilitate rapid spread of infectious disease

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