Post dialysis care

Haemodialysis 5


Post dialysis care:

  • As dialysis is  approaching completion, prepare equipment ready to terminate dialysis and disconnect the patient from the machine
  • Obtain any required post dialysis blood samples
  • Disconnect acces per protocols
  • Where possible, encourage patients to be involved in these procedures
  • For patients with a kidney dialysis  catheter ensure the patients is aware of keeping their exit site dressing dry and procedures to follow should the catheter become dislodged, bleed or they feel unwell
  • For patients with arterial venous fistula or arterial venous graft, ensure the patient is aware of procedures to follow if any bleeding between sessions
  • Post dialysis observations (blood pressure, pulse, respiration, temperature and blood sugar in diabetic patients) are be recorded before the patients dismounts the chair/bed

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