Pre-dialysis assessment part 5

Haemodialysis 5



Ideally <140/80mmHg. Acceptable up to 160 systolic and 90 diastolic. Higher systolic may be acceptable in patients with a wide pulse pressure and where rapid falls occurs with dialysis.

  • If blood pressure has been gradually increasing then consider whether dry weight reduction is required
  • If blood pressure persistently > 160/90mmHg then obtain some interdialytic recordings for review by consultant. Ensure up to date information on antihypertensive medications and doses
  • If blood pressure is markedly lower than previous pre-dyalisis recordings consider whether  patient is unwell; e.g. sepsis, dehydration



Ideal pulse rate is 60-100 bpm and should be comparable with previous pre-dialysing recordings

  • Feel rhythm manually to check pulse is regular in addition to machine recording
  • Outside of this range consider dehydration, sepsis, cardiac arrhytmia

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