Pre-dialysis assessment part 1

Haemodialysis 5


Once patient’s dialysis machine and station are sufficiently ready for the patients to be able to settle down and be seated comfortably, a nurse will call patients from the waiting area. Any special isolation or machine preparation needs to be checked and as ready as possible, before hand to ensure patients are dialysed safely and in the correct cohort.

For those patients that have arterio-venous fistula/graft, the patients will be asked to wash the relevant limb, along with their hands, with soap and water,  before entering their dialysis station area. Assistance will be provided if required. Patients dialysing via a kidney dialysis catheteter will be asked to wash their hands.

All patients should also be weighed before entering their dialysis area. Again they will encouraged to perform this aspect of their care themselves with help given as required.

For those that can weight themselves and carry out and record their observations and those self-caring, encourage those that can do so. Ensure patients are aware of where and how to document the observations.


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