Haematuria in chronic kidney disease

Kidney cartoon 4


Haematuria in chronic kidney disease:

  • The most common cause of haematuria are non-glomerular conditions such as menstrual contamination or urological conditions (urinary tract infection, kidney calculi, prostatic disease or urinary tumours)
  • Visible (or macroscopic) haematuria must always be investigated
  • Haematuria due to kidney diseases called glomerular haematuria
  • Persistent haematuria, or haematuria found in conjunction with other indicators of kidney damage necessitates investigation
  • Under the age of 40, isolated haematuria (haematuria without albuminuria, reduced GFR, or urinary tract malignancy) is usually due to a mild underlying glomerulonephritis with a low propensity for progression

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2 Responses to Haematuria in chronic kidney disease

  1. Barbara King says:

    Had a tumor on left kidney removed 10/23/18 it was cancer but contained in the tumor. 11/2/18 started passing blood through my kidneys again. Dr dates he thinks it is related to the surgery. Is this normal ?


  2. azaleaazelia says:

    Persistent haematuria should be followed up with repeat testing for further investigation.


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