Chronic kidney disease and its complications part 3C

Kidney cartoon 4


Chronic kidney disease and its complications:


  • Treatment with erythropoetin stimulating agent must be commenced by or in consultation with a nephrologist. There are several erythropoetins currently available for this indication. All available as pre-fillid syringes and are usually administered subcutaneously to pre-dyalisis or peritoneal dialysis patient


  • Erythropoetin stimulating agent are available either through hospital pharmacies or on authorithy prescription under section 100 of the pharmaceutical benefits scheme for “treatment of anaemia requiring transfusion, defined as a haemoglobin level of less than 100g/L, where intrinsic kidney disease as assessed by a nephrologist, is the primary cause of the anaemia”.


  • It is recommended that erythropoetin stimulating agent therapy is used with great caution, if at all, in chronic kidney disease patients with active malignancy. If used in this setting, target Hb levels are lower in those patients, and the lowest dose of erythropoetin stimulating agent is used to prevent blood transfusion,

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