Urine albumine creatinine ratio (ACR)

Kidney cartoon 3


Urine albumine creatinine ratio (ACR):

  • Excessive amounts of proteins in the urine  are a key marker of kidney damage and of increased kidney and cardiovascular disease risk
  • These proteins are mainly albumin (albuminuria), but also consist of low molecular weight immunoglobulin, lyzozyme, insulin and beta-2 microglobulin
  • It is rare for an individual to have increased excretion of non-albumin proteins without concomittant increased excretion of albumin
  • Urine ACR accurately predicts kidney and cardiovascular risks
  • Reduction in urine ACR predicts renoprotective benefit in intervention trials
  • Elevated urine ACR is a more common sign of chronic kidney disease than a decreased eGFR

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