Acute kidney injury

Kidney cartoon


The proposed criteria for acute kidney disease encompass the definition for acute kidney injury, but may also defined by a glomerular filtration rate <60 ml/min/1,73m2 for < 3 months, or an increase in serum  creatinin by>50% for<3months. The approach that may be taken to identify patients with acute kidney disease. Patients with no prior kidney disease or with preexisting chronic kidney disease can develop acute kidney disease.  A patient is considered to have acute kidney disease when compare to serum creatinine measurements at least 3 months prior, they present with a new or previously  unrecognize decrease in glomerular filtration rate or increase in serum creatinine. Should repeated serum creatinin measurements show that serum creatinin is increasing (or  glomerulus filtration decreasing), patients with acute kidney disease may be further classified as having acute kidney injury if the change in serum creatinine is >26µmol/l (0,3 mg/dl) or a 1.5-fold increase within a 7-day time frame.


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