Chronic kidney disease part 3

Kidney cartoon


Associated risk factors with progression


Since albuminuria or proteinuria is one of the principal factors in progression on chronik kidney disease, great effort has been dedicated to the method to quantify as exactly as possible urinary elimination, for this reason, and considering the difficulties of collecting and measuring urine for 24 hours and the high risk of improper realization of the procedure, it was necessary to find a standardized specific, reliable and reproducible method for quantifying the excretion of albumin or proteins in urine. The  albumin creatinin ratio (ACR)  in urine has shown great exactitude in the quantification and correlation with important adverse events in the progression of the kidney disease, mobility, cardiovascular mortality, general mortality, among others

Various studies demonstrated that by combining the relative risk of glomerulus filtration rate and albuminuria, a series of adverse events were presented, such as progression of the chronic renal disease, cardiovascular mortality, general mortality, among others.



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2 Responses to Chronic kidney disease part 3

  1. SCLMRose says:

    In my husband’s case of CKD, we do an adequacy test every quarter where I attached drain bags with long tubing to his machine overnight and take them to the clinic where they do the test.


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