to my son  in heaven… we always love you… Allah loves you too… 


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6 Responses to L I F E

  1. zaroffpoetry says:

    Excellent loving feelings purveyed.i’m sorry for your loss but hope the power of verse will help with the healing process over time. these trials and errors in life are turbulent ones we attempt to endure.

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  2. exoticnita54 says:

    Thank goodness for life…

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  3. Harbans says:

    Life is a journey from birth till death and during the intervening period, we face good and bad times. We are constrained to face every opportunities with aplomb. If there are no hard times, there are no practical experiences at all. By facing hard times only we learn so much presently to make it applicable for our future.

    Thanks sharing an excellent poem by SANT MOTHER TERESA. .

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  4. jyo says:

    Sorry for your loss but an AWESOME post👏

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  5. tmezpoetry says:

    Beautiful tribute to your son. The poem is powerful.

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