Rethinking The Brain


Old thinking :

  • How the brain develops depens on the genes that you were born with
  • The experiences that you have before age three have a limited impact on later development
  • A secure relationship with primary caregiver creates a favorable context for early development and learning
  • Brain development is linier, the brain’s capacity to learn and change grows steadily as an infant progesses towards adulthood
  • A toddler’s brain is much less active than the brain of college student

New thingking :

  • How the brain develops hinges on a complex interplay between the genes that you are born wth and the experiences you have
  • Early experiences have decisive impact on the architecture of the brain, and on the nature and extent of adult capacities
  • Early interactions don’t just create a context, they directly affect the way that the brain is wired
  • Brain development is non linear, there are prime times for acquiring different kinds of knowledge and skills
  • By the time children reach age three, their brains are twice as active as those of adults. Activity levels drop during adolescence

The brain reaches half its mature weght by about six months and 90 percent of its final weight by age eight. This rapid development is reflected in children’s capabilities and what they do. Althoughevery children unique, it is widely accepted that development follows a basic pace and pattern of development in all children.


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8 Responses to Rethinking The Brain

  1. I like how you compared the “Old Thinking” of brain development to the “New Thinking”. I had no idea a three year-old’s brain was so active!

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  2. Maggie says:

    Very interesting article!

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  3. Smitha V says:

    I like how you explain science in such a simple way.

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  4. janetsm says:

    This is a very interesting article. It goes right along with The Secret Life of the Mind, by Mariano Sigman, which I started reading last night.

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  5. Thanks for posting up such interesting and informative posts on medicine, something I am really keen to learn as a student. Am definitely following. Hope to read more posts from you in the future!

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  6. Interesting article. โœจ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

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