Brain Development Period



  • All five senses begin to function before birth
  • Prenatal sensory experiences actually help shape the brain and nervous system
  • Prenatal experiences prime the attachment behaviours of the infant

0-3 YEARS:

  • A rapid periode of brain development which can be fostered by relationships with caregivers and supported by optimal community environtments for families and children
  • Brain development is vulnerable to toxic stress (depending on length and number of stressors for the child)


  • Children build on the solid foundation of the first five years
  • It is more difficult for children to take advantage of the learning environtment of schools if they have not had an optimal home environtment, there is restricted access to quality early childhood sevices and they have experienced a poor quality community environtment


  • Brain development prioritises the connections used most often, Resulting in”pruning” of brain networks or circuits
  • As children entered this period, more intensive rsources are required if children have missed the opportunities for optimal caregiving and environtments in the preceeding years

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5 Responses to Brain Development Period

  1. R and D says:

    ferocious as it should be


  2. Great stuff! Early development is so important, from in utero on up! 🙂

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  4. benleander says:

    Very interesting read! A lot was a refreshment from psychology studies but a lot of new knowledge too. (Or things I already have forgotten about). Concerning the development of the brain, I would find it very interesting if you covered the topic of resilience!


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